The Tomorrow War movie review: Mushy moments aside, Chris Pratt's alien invasion thriller is a worthy watch


Chris Pratt's The Tomorrow War seems to be director Chris McKay's hat-tip to its thematic predecessor, the 1996 seminal feature Independence Day. In the opening shots of The Tomorrow War, Dan Forester (Pratt) is about to enter his house where they are hosting a Halloween party. As he walks across the porch, a blowup Halloween doll comes in centre-frame. The inanimate object flutters in the wind, and its head slowly tilts towards the camera, as if it were alive. Those few seconds are enough to establish a foreground for the narrative.

A sudden human intervention reveals to the present world (of 2022) that mankind will come under major threat in the next couple of decades, following an alien invasion. In the raging tussle between man and beast, humans are fast disintegrating to a point of extinction. The future humans ask for public help, and through a process of "drafting," calls upon eligible candidates to time travel till 2051 and fight the aliens.

Dan joins the force, trying to alter a deadly future just so that he can insure his family in the present.


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