Outdoor brand Eddie Bauer launches resale through Arrive partnership


The new (Re)Adventure program allows Eddie Bauer customers to buy second-hand, refurbished items at lower costs or rent popular products.

“Arrive has been an incredible partner for Eddie Bauer as the brand continues to work towards its circular business model goals,” said Kristen Elliott, vice president of marketing at Eddie Bauer.

“Not only are we able to offer customers new and more accessible ways to outfit their adventures, but we are keeping more used gear out of landfills and on the trails where it belongs,” she said.

It comes as the resale market continues to heat up as shoppers and investors alike seek more sustainable and circular fashion options.

The second-hand fashion market in the US is expected to more than double to 82 billion dollars by 2026 - 16 times faster than the broader retail fashion market, according to a study by resale platform ThredUp, conducted by third-party retail analytics firm GlobalData.

The resale market grew a record 32 percent in the US last year.

Arrive CEO and co-founder Rachelle Snyder said: “We're thrilled to expand our partnership with Eddie Bauer to launch resale with our Returns to Recommerce offering.

“Arrive helps transform the major returns problem that many companies face into a revenue-driving channel.”


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