Jeff Bezos offered actor Tom Hanks a seat on Blue Origin's spaceflight for "28 million bucks or something"


Space tourism has been all the rage of late, with a new billionaire shuttling off into the beyond in intervals of what feels like every other week. But newsflash: there’s someone who doesn’t see what the craze is all about, and it’s Hollywood superstar Tom Hanks.

In a Jimmy Kimmel interview, Hanks revealed that before William Shatner, he had been offered a Blue Origin flight to outer space by Jeff Bezos but that he had turned it down. “You know, it costs like 28 million bucks or something like that. I’m doing good, Jimmy, I’m doing good. But I ain’t paying 28 [million] bucks," a PEOPLE report quoted Hanks as saying.

What’s more, Hanks made light of the situation by saying that a 12-minute space flight could be simulated right there as host Jimmy and himself sat in their seats. The 65-year-old actor jokingly bounced around in his seat as if in a space flight to drive home his point.

Further, Hanks quipped that he didn’t need to spend 28 million dollars to get the experience of being in a space flight. He said he would perhaps do it if it were free, just to feel the joy of “pretending" to be a billionaire. Hanks’ take is diametrically opposite to that of Shatner.

William Shatner, who starred as Captain James T Kirk in the original Star Trek series, flew to space on 12 October aboard the company’s crewed rocket, becoming the oldest ever astronaut.

“I’ve heard about space for a long time now. I’m taking the opportunity to see it for myself. What a miracle," said the 90-year-old actor in a statement by Jeff Bezos’s space company. The Star Trek actor had described his trip to the edge of space as “the most profound experience." reported AFP.

However, when Shatner was sharing his experience with Bezos, it didn’t go quite according to plan. While Shatner spoke about his space experience, Bezos suddenly cut the conversation and turned to a few groups nearby to say, “Give me the champagne bottle. Come here. I want one."

The abrupt reaction from Bezos vexed Shatner and made him stop speaking. He then scratched his head and turned away, while Bezos continued to pop the bubbly bottle. The video ends where Bezos turns to put his arm on Shatner.


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